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Our Sales Contract

The Kitten/Cat is being sold as a ________ (Pet or Breeder) for the purchase price of $_________. This does NOT
include shipping or vet certificates or crates. I do NOT give cash refunds, if for some reason a kitten is
returned, a replacement kitten of equal or lesser value will be given when available. Buyer understands that
there are no guarantees regarding the possible fertility of this animal if sold as a breeder. Buyer also
understands that there are no guarantees as to the show ability of this animal as there are too many
unpredictable factors if sold as a show kitten. Additional fees are required for all animals being sold as
Breeders or Show animals. If sold as a Pet, registration papers will be given after the cat/kitten is spayed or
neutered and documentation is given from vet to breeder.

We have a 1 year genetic health guarantee on all of our kittens. Buyer's new kitten/cat MUST be checked by
your vet, at your expense, within 48 hours or 2 business days of buyer taking possession of the kitten. If the
kitten/cat is not taken to the vet within this time frame after purchase, the contract is null and void. The
kitten/cat may be returned for a replacement only if licensed veterinarian diagnoses this animal as having
serious illness or genetic deformity. Serious illness means shortened life span or a painful life span. Seller is
not responsible for any veterinary costs or fuel costs associated with this kitten/cat after release from this
cattery. The seller is only responsible for a replacement of the kitten if a genetic deformity is found by a
licensed veterinarian, is certified, and reported to the breeder within 2 business days after finding the genetic
deformity. The seller will not provide a replacement if apparent neglect and/or improper care has been given
to the kitten. The seller will give NO CASH REFUND on any returned kitten. Only a replacement will be
given when the seller has one available. The seller cannot guarantee that a replacement kitten will look
exactly the same as the kitten to be replaced. Buyer must provide veterinary documentation to the seller, of
the genetic deformity prior to the replacement kitten being given. Seller will offer a kitten of the buyers
choosing for replacement for equal or less value of the kitten being replaced.

Kittens/cats going to a multi-cat household are guaranteed for one year against genetic defects only. This
guarantee does NOT include minor nuisances such as fungus, fleas, or mites. A minor upper respiratory
infection or fungus can occur as a result of the stress of being relocated into a new home, and the breeder
cannot guarantee that this will not happen. Kittens should be kept separate from other pets until checked by
your vet. We suggest for a minimum of 14 days that the animal purchased is quarantined from other animals
within the household. This kitten/cat is to be kept indoors at all times. This kitten/cat is NOT to be resold or
given to a laboratory, pet shop, animal shelter, or to another breeder. If for some reason the buyer cannot keep
this animal, the breeder may be able to help re-locate it.

Buyer(s) know that a minimum deposit of $500.00 is due to hold any cat or kitten being sold as a PET and a
minimum deposit of $1,000.00 for any kitten/cat being sold as a BREEDER or SHOW cat. Buyer(s) completely
understand that this minimum deposit of $500.00 is not refundable under any circumstance UNLESS the kitten
passes away prior to pick up OR the kitten is found to have a genetic defect when examined by the
veterinarian prior to pick up. Buyer(s) understand that their $500.00 deposit will immediately be deducted
from the cost of their cat/kitten EXCLUDING all convenience fees for credit card transactions.

Gems of the South Persians & Himalayans or myself or any affiliates are not responsible for the cost of
shipping or delivery of a replacement kitten. Buyer agrees that Orange Park, Florida, is the point of sale of
origin. Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian or travel expense costs associated with this kitten/cat after
release from this cattery. This includes but is not limited to an initial exam, office visits, lab tests,
vaccinations, medications, surgery, time off work, or fuel for your automobile. Either at initial visit or for any
future visits. No medical care is authorized or will be paid for by the seller. All shipping costs are
NON-REFUNDABLE. Buyer's signature indicates that he or she has read and accepts all of the terms of this

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