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Pet Shipping

Need your pet shipped to you?

We only ship within the continental United States. 

Ground Shipping: We work with an excellent ground shipping company who picks up our kittens from our home and delivers to you at your home. They have been excellent to work with and each of our clients have been highly satisfied with their service and communication. If you are looking to ship within the continental US, this is an excellent option. Prices range from $600 and up for ground shipping. 

Airline Shipping: We have excellent recommendations for pet nannies who will fly with your kitten to your closest major airport. All kittens will fly out of Jacksonville, FL (JAX). Pricing usually varies from $600-$1,000 depending on your location and airline fees. Kittens must be a minimum of 10 weeks old for airline travel. All shipping fees must be paid to the pet nanny prior to the flight being booked. All kittens must be paid in full to the breeder prior to being released to pet nannies for flight. 

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