Last updated 02/11/2014
If you have a cat or dog that needs to be adopted, please email me the information about the cat, your contact information, and
pictures of the cat. I will gladly post them on the website to assist in helping them find a loving, forever home. We have been
very successful in placing every animal up for adoption through our site. Please consider us before taking your animal to the
Humane Society because every animal deserves a loving, forever home. Please email your information to me at
Black and White Van Persian with gold eyes
Diva had to have an emergency spay on 08/28/13. She will come with her CFA registration papers since she has been spayed.
Diva is NOT declawed. She also comes with her PKD negative paperwork. She is not due for her annual shots (FVRCP,
Rabies, and FILV) until January of 2014. Her date of birth is 10/04/2008. Diva is extremely laid back and is a perfect lap cat. She
loves to give "sand paper" kisses meaning she loves to lick you all of the time. She is extremely sweet and very easy to bathe,
brush, and do anything with her. She would do well in any type of home. She would be great for people with kids, dogs, or
other cats. Diva gets along with everyone and will adapt to her new home very easily. If you are interested in adopting Diva,
please call or email me at 904-524-3004 or
Adoption fee $500
I was contacted about these two Desert Lynx female cats needing a new home. The owner called and said that his girlfriend is very
allergic to cats and needs to find them a new home asap. Here is their info. If you are interested in them, see contact info at the
Adoption fee is FREE.
Elsa is a seven year old female desert lynx. She has been spayed, not de-clawed, has always been kept indoors and is very healthy.
She is somewhat reclusive, but craves attention from her owner or those who are around her on a daily basis. She will be shy
around strangers and probably would not do well around dogs, but would do well with kids. She has moments where she is active
and playful around people or cats that she's comfortable with and has moments where she wants to go off and have her personal
space. She is quiet and stays calm at night, allowing for a good night's rest. She is extremely close to her best friend Isabelle and
often will spend most of her day with Isabelle, so it would be best if someone wanted two cats allowing them to stay together.
Isabelle is a five year old female desert lynx. She has not been spayed, not de-clawed, has always been kept indoors and is very
healthy. She is much more outgoing than Elsa and will jump on the bed or couch when she is craving attention from her owner.
She does well around other cats and kids, but probably not dogs. She is only somewhat shy around strangers and will come out to
visit them if it's not too noisy. She is also quiet and calm at night, allowing for a good night's sleep. She would do best if adopted
along with her best Friend Elsa, as they are very close and spend most of the day together.
Adoption fee is FREE.
Please contact Tommy Turner at 904-400-2370 or